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 Air Flight 89' due to technical reasons, the goal is not to do the best lightweight, the whole package materials, and because shoes are too thin on the performance of shoes left some regret, then to the Air Flight 89 'endorsement of the star is beginning to bear killer character of Reggie Miller, not yet mature, Miller also failed to fully carry the banner of Flight series, which also makes the Flight series until the early 90s the introduction of a few pairs of classic shoes gradually being accepted, loved. Development cheap timberland shoes outlet today, Flight series has been exploring the innovation and development, there have been Air Flight Max II to support this entirely on the forefoot upper TPU individual works have had Air Hyper Flight This will fashion and lightweight went to the extreme case, even Shox VC III Flight carrying the heaviest sports footwear  shoes in the history of infamy (though it is not, How about Air Jordan 6 retro,what does the excellent fuction Air Jordan 6 have? Do you know that retro Air Jordan 6 series combined the advantage of the ealier Air Jordan series.If you want to buy overflow value and excellent function, the really outstanding basketball shoes you yearn for





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