Steel toe shoes also known as safety boots, safety shoes or steel capped shoes, are boots that have a protective reinforcement in the toe -- usually steel. Oftentimes it is combined with a steel plate which can give your feet extra protection if something might fall on it cheap timberland boots online or something punctures the shoe. Great for laborers, welders, construction workers, loggers, warehouse workers, etc. These aren't just for men either, they make them for women as well. When you buy these kinds of boots there are a few different factors you want to consider. The first one is durability, then protection, then comfort, and then quality. Even if the boot does cost a little more than you would want to spend, buying a more expensive boot almost guarantees that its going to last longer and cheap timberland boots for sale be of a higher quality than a really cheap shoe! Here are a few reviews for you on various boots and models. Have fun!Caterpillar Men's 2nd Shift 6" Steel Toe: These caterpillar boots are around the middle of the price range, of safety boots, but they are very durable. The boots handle water, oil and dirt well. Mostly they can be cleaned off easily. The Caterpillars have excellent grip, that helps a lot if you are going to work on slippery surfaces.Nautilus Men's Electrical Hazard Steel Toe Lace Up Hiker cheap timberland boots china  Boot: The Nautilus are mostly nylon steel toe boots, that make them less durable than leather safety boots, but also lighter and better ventilated. The Nautilus was constructed to protect against electrical hazard. The leather and nylon shoes are also ergonomically-designed to keep your feet happy

Timberland Pro Women's Titan 6" Safety Toe: The Timberland was specifically designed for women, giving you a superior fit. The boot strikes a good balance between being light, durable and comfortable. This is achieved by Timberland's high tech approach to footwear. The Timberland women's boot has a nylon diffusion shank that keeps it's torsion rigid.Pull-On Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot Brown: The Red Wing boots are no basketball nonsense work boots. They have full grain leather upper features and a durable, direct-attach welt construction. The urethane out sole is lightweight slip and oil resistant, and it comes with a sturdy arrowhead tread. There are loops on either side of the boot top, to help you pull it on or off.Some extra thoughts on these kinds of boots! These will truly, without a doubt timberland shoes for sale cheap, keep your feet safe. There are close to 200,000 work related foot injuries every single year in the US. Usually these injuries happen simply because the person didn't have the right kind of footwear on. When you work in a rugged atmosphere, you have to wear the right shoes. It's almost like going on to a construction site and not wearing a hard hat. Just plain dumb. It's not going to save your life if you get hit in the cheap timberland boots shoes sale head with a 5 ton beam, but if something like a bricks or a cinder block hits you on the head, you have a better chance of surviving if you wear something protective. Same goes with these shoes. They won't keep you 100% safe if something like a 2ton tractor runs over your foot, hello! But, it will keep them safe from other things!





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